No Such Studio: A journey into video game development

Hi and welcome to my blog! I am Mr X. You will hear a lot more about me here. I’m starting my own studio to make video games… a long awaited dream of mine.

I was fascinated by computers and their capabilities from childhood… its not a radical thought nowadays, but trust me, it was back in the 90s. I was a hardcore gamer and spent countless hours playing the classic PC games: C&C Red Alert, Hitman, CounterStrike, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Need For Speed, etc. I can list games for hours if I go on ;) In highschool I learnt how to program on my own and made some simple games with QBasic and Visual Basic. My peers used to play those game quite often which made me feel happy and proud at the same time. I still smile when I think back about those days.

Time passed. I studied Computer Science at university and worked as a Software Engineer at Microsoft and Google for a few years. Those jobs never satisfied my creative side but they paid well. I never considered making video games as my full time career. That is until recently. Because every minute not spent doing what you love is time wasted… or something like that I don’t quite remember the quote.

So here I am starting fresh. I have already started working on my next mobile game. A puzzle game with a few twists and surprises. Lucky for you my avatar will be with you in the game to help you with the tasks you are assigned to. Trust me, he makes your job way easier.

Follow me on Instagram and Medium to see the making of my current not-yet-named game and future games. I’ll be sharing general tips about video game development, programming, unity and life.

That’s all for this post. Just wanted to get the word out there on the internet. Cheers!

Software Engineer | Indie Game Developer | Founder of No Such Studio. Follow me to learn how to make video games with Unity.

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