How to remove a rejected version from Apple Store Connect

I submitted an app to apple store and the first version got rejected because of some UI layout issues. After fixing the problems and testing the following versions for a while, I tried to submit a new version. The Apple Store Connect website is not that user friendly and I couldn’t figure out how to remove the rejected version and upload a new one. After I figured it out, I made this post in the hopes that it helps someone else.

  1. This is how the “App Store” tab looks in the App Store Connect website. The link at the top goes to the resolution center where you can chat with Apple QA team. Useful for when we are figuring out what the issue is. What to do when the issue is fixed… go figure!

2.1 Scroll down in the “App Store” tab to where your current build is. Remove it by pressing the tiny red button to the right.

3. Now you can select a new build to submit! You may need to upload one from xcode before you can continue.

4. After selecting a new build, scroll farther down and change the version string to the new one. Then press “Save”.

5. Now the rejected version is gone and your new version is ready to be submitted for review.

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